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Education | Examination | University | School | Training Sector

A dedicated assessment web based platform, aims to redefine the assessment experience by bringing new dimensions to the way educators author, deliver and track their assessments on daily basis with an outcome-based strategy to empower and understand student progress, measure knowledge intake and evaluate curriculum effectiveness.

LED | IOT | Smart City

Cities, Municipals, Villages and large buildings can leverage on proposed networked street lighting solution..Its a  unique opportunity for reducing a utility/municipal’s street lighting cost though energy and maintenance cost- savings. We bring you this green technology complete with the LED lighting.

Application Security Code Checker | Security | SAST

Automated static code analysis helps developers eliminate vulnerabilities and build secure software.

  • Accurate support for 31+ major languages and their frameworks, 
  • Enable compliance with broad vulnerability coverage, including 800 vulnerability categories for SAST that enable compliance with standards such as OWASP Top 10, CWE/SANS Top 25, DISA STIG, and PCI DSS.

Our Technology Partners

We are partners with many proven technology companies in integrating their products and solutions in our projects.