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Welcome To Thames Technology Sdn Bhd


To be the leading provider of innovative business solutions that transform and inspire the future while establishing, maintaining and fostering long term relationships with our partners, customers and stakeholders .


To strive and deliver professional performance through innovative, reliable technology based solutions by leveraging knowledge, skills and implementation excellence. .


  • To provide trusted service and support throughout the entire life cycle solution.
  • To value our customers, partners and stakeholders by honoring our commitments towards common goal
  • To value our employees and supporting them to their full potential with integrity and respect

Our History

Thames Technology Sdn Bhd has attained tremendous growth in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry since its inception in 2001, starting off with supplying hardware and appliances. Our current business includes Strategic Consulting, Enterprise Infrastructure and Application Solutions, Software and Applications Development and  ICT Professional Services. 

Our expertise and commitment are the driving force in shaping our customers’ potential with parallel to the nation’s long term economic interest. We continue to develop, sustain and build our pool of human capital and we nurture our people in achieving their full potential and providing them with a conducive working environment where integrity, honesty and mutual respect is valued and rewarded.

What we offer

Strategic Consulting

We supply architecture and design services for all advanced infrastructure solutions, virtualization, storage solutions, core network infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery, compliance and outsourcing needs.

Infrastructure Solutions

Businesses deserves customized solutions that are able to maximize profits. We address your needs ranging from:

  • Operating platforms, unified communications
  • Software Development
  • End-to-end security management & Storage offerings
  • Virtualization strategies
  • Unified Networking

With our guidance, customers are steered through the steps of the process, whether it be the entire project or a series of business enablers, equipping you with infrastructure, applications and services that enhance the customer ICT environment.

Managed Services

We offer a managed element with every type of service we deliver, taking responsibility for selected IT services and managing the delivery of those services in their entirety, supported by a 24-hour Service Desk.

  • Automates and consolidates IT requirements and reduces costs
  • Increases IT service levels by increasing security, availability and reliability
  • Increases capabilities of IT-enabling organizations to work effectively
  • Reduces effort required to manage, operate and maintain IT infrastructure.

Development Services

We host a highly competent team of software developers that delivers task professionally with integrity. Be it a mobile app or enterprise application solution we have the domain knowledge and experience to deliver the task and let you have the peace mind.

Product Dealership

We boast partnerships, reseller agreements and long-term associations with both local and international technology partners. As a result, we are in a position to offer world-class solutions, complemented by on-going support, in ensuring our solutions and services are successfully implemented and managed for our customers. Get in touch with us today if you are looking for a partner to market your product.

Data Center Services

We provides facilities management and maintenance management service for site infrastructure equipment in the Data Centers. This includes Data Center (DC), Disaster Recovery Center(DRC), database and virtual machine (VM) setup, configuration and maintenance. Coupled with our managed services you can rely on us to get it done for you.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that technology is the forefront of empowering people and organizations throughout the world.
Our core business values are, to discover opportunities for creating transformation; to use our knowledge and expertise in supporting positive change and to enable people in producing powerful new developments..

Our range of support services is able to optimize our client’s ICT environment by providing 24-hour cover, permanent on-site staff, on-call staff and remote support with the expertise you require against a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We approach each project with a winning mindset. Delivering success is all that we need to focus to and it always translates to the same habit and attitude each time.

We have garnered accolades and awards from both local and international partners. Meeting and fulfilling our core values  are actually the ones that our team always strive for to achieve , and brings the most satisfication.

We build trust and partnership with highly skilled and reliable partners, both local and international. Only the best will do for us and this will only bring  success and assurance for the customers.

Business main asset is their people. And we too belive thatthe main reason we are where we are right now is because of our own team of professionals with a highly trained mental strength that accepts nothing but the best in terms of work delivery.

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